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Of course, for dogs there is no place like home… but CANES RESORT comes close!

Our ample dog hotel, located close to nature, features 20 spacious boxes (5x3 m), each occupied only by a maximum of 2 large dogs.

Smaller breeds are accommodated in small and harmonious groups. Each lodge is equipped with comfortable kennels, bowls, and insulated mats.

Of course, you can also book boxes for single occupancy.

In fine weather, the animals spend most of the time outdoors. In a 20x40 meter outlet they have freedom of movement, and even in midsummer there is enough shadow to always find a cool spot. For smaller breeds, there is a separate outlet with a size of 200 sqm.

Bitches in season and non-castrated males can be housed separately.

We only feed high quality food of the brand GOSBI, which for many years has served us very well for our own racing dogs.

On request, of course you can also bring your own food.

Vaccination certificate and valid insurance are required to register.

We are looking forward to your visit!


Terms and Conditions 

 Canes Resort is of course 24 hours a day for your animals as we do our best to provide the animals adequately, feed and maintain.

1. With the handover of your pet on Canes Resort you accept our terms and conditions, we assume that you are informed on our homepage or on a poster in our office.

2. Each dog or cat must be healthy, be vaccinated and chipped.

3. For each animal, a liability insurance must exist.

The owner is liable 4. For any urgent vet visits.

5. The visit of a veterinarian to the discretion of Canes Resort.

6. For willful damage caused by the animals, the owner is liable.

7. In the event of escape of an animal, the owner will be informed immediately, but Canes Resort can no liability übernehemen.

8. Bitches in heat can be kept only in an inner box.

9. Aggressive animals are rejected by Canes Resort.

The owner is liable for 10 violations by biting.

11. Should the owner be animal not pick up on the agreed date or have not been reported for a period of 4 weeks, we reserve the right to deliver the animal at the shelter Progat Ampuriabrava. 


Mas Armengol - E-Navata (Girona)

fon +34 (0)685 99 85 50

MO - SO | 10.00h - 12.00h
+34 (0)685 99 85 50